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IA of Smyrna brings a quality program option to Smyrna by keeping small groups and student teacher ratios. IA simulates the style and quality of the larger corporate centers, while offering a more personal homelike, nurturing environment. Here at IA, we want to offer the opportunity for your child to grow and develop in every way possible. We believe that a child’s development begins at infancy.  We also believe that children should be allowed to develop at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves as individuals and as learners.


Every day at IA exposes the children to language, math, science/sensory, social skill building, creative arts, music, fitness, outdoor time, Basic American Sign Language and a healthy organic food plan.


As an international school, our teachers work hard to teach IA students to have respect for the natural environment, to enjoy and appreciate the riches of diversity, and to help them relate to other individuals peacefully. Our program is designed to build active minds, healthy bodies and happy children with a love for learning. Our goal is to promote your child’s growth in every way to their fullest potential. Our commitment to you, the parents, is to provide the best program and enrichments, and to always provide the best educators and environment for your child. 


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Meet and Greet: All parents are invited to join us for our meet and greet! We are very excited to show you around your child/ren new classrooms!

Doorbell: Please remember to ALWAYS ring the doorbell upon arrival. If you did not hear it, it means you need to ring again. Thank you.

Give us a call:


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