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IA of Smyrna provides care for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age and before and after care to school agers. We are open from 7:00a.m. - 6:00p.m, and serving children Monday – Friday, January through December (full year) except on  national holidays.

Here at IA of Smyrna, our goal is to offer the opportunity for your child to grow and develop physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally.  We believe that children should be allowed to develop at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves as learners. Our goal is to provide all the children with a clean, safe, comfortable and nurturing environment where they can develop to their full potential.  As an international/bilingual school, we will work to teach our children to develop respect for the natural environment, to grow in the ability to relate to other individuals peacefully, and to enjoy and appreciate the riches of diversity of people in our world.

We will teach an understanding of diversity by modeling behavior based on mutual and unconditional respect for self and others.  We encourage every available opportunity to celebrate and explore individual and cultural differences. It is our goal to create a program when the child’s natural desire to learn is stimulated through meaningful, appropriate, and playful learning experiences that meet the needs of each individual child.


We believe that children, who are engaged in purposeful play, are children who are discovering, creating, improvising and expanding their learning. Our programs work by helping the children be active participants in their own development.  We help them reach the next milestone in their developmental journey, by planning enrichments and activities designed to stimulate their own emerging skills. Our curriculum incorporates exploration, self-initiation, and discovery learning.  As a bi-lingual academia, our own language curriculum is integrated into every child’s day.


Our teachers act as facilitators to help children discover new concepts, and plan enrichments based on their strengths, interests, needs and individual learning styles.  Every day at IA exposes children to language, math/manipulative, science/sensory, social skill building, creative arts, music, fitness, outdoor time, computer skills, and American Sign Language.  


IA of Smyrna does not discriminate on the basis of a person’s religion, color, race, sex, age, national origin, or disability when determining eligibility for enrollment or hiring.



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