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January News!!!!!

News and Updates

I.A #2 The renovations for I.A. 2 are all complete, we are only waiting for the approval of the blue prints for the security system, the installation of it, and the 2 inspections to obtain the proper permits.

New students: We would like to welcome our new students, and their parents to our I.A. family. We are very happy that you have chosen our school to be part of your child life, and education. Thank you.


New Teachers: I.A. would like to welcome 2 new teachers. As of right now they are working as assistant teachers, Ms. Mariela is coming to us from Colima, Mexico her background is in Biology, and Chemistry and has experience as a teacher too. Ms. Mariela is working in the 1 yr. old class. Ms. Sandra is coming to us all the way from Argentina, South America and has had experience working with children for many years, she is working in the 2 yr. old class in the morning, and 1 yr. old class in the afternoon. We would like to welcome them, to our I.A. family/team.


Stands for Child Development Associate Credential. Dear Parents part of our goals and objectives is to give your child the best care, and education possible, and what better way if all of our teachers are given the necessary tools, and knowledge to do so. On September of 2015 we enroll all of our teachers on the Nationally-renowned Child Development Program to make sure that I.A’s teacher are completely capable to just that. This week your child’s teacher will give you information about the Program on the form of a Family Questionnaire that we will need back as part of their professional portfolio. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Friendly, but very important reminders:

Main Entrance and the door: We would like to ask that you please remember that once we hand you your child, the school is no longer liable for any accidents that may occur. Here at IA we teach the student’s NEVER TO OPEN THE DOORS AS A SAFETY PRECAUTION NOT ONLY FOR SCHOOL, BUT FOR HOME TOO. Cooper Lake is a very busy road and we would like to avoid accidents at all cost.

Illness: Please put aside a few minutes to read I.A’s sick policy so that you can make the proper arrangements when your kids are sick to keep your child home from school. *It is the joint responsibility of the parents, and the school to ensure that all children are protected from illnesses. Thank you for your cooperation.

SHEETS & BLANKETS: Starting January, 2016 if I.A. has to provide sheets and blankets for your child, a charge of $10.00 will be added to your account. They will be labeled with your child’s name, and sent home on Friday to be washed. Sold separate: Sheet $8.00 – Blankets $4.00 – Together $10.00

After 6:30 late pick up: Please remember that after 6:30 a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child will be added to your account. After 7:00p.m. a charge of $5.00 per minute per child will be added to your account.

Grams: Baby grams, Woddler grams, Toddler grams, Dino grams: Parents please remember to check your grams every day, in it you will find details of your child’s day, class activities, information about your child’s behavior that needs your immediate attention and that is also where the teachers let you know if we need diapers, clothes, and from now on if you have a charge for sheets and blankets.

OUTSIDE FOOD: We do not accept outside food, please make sure that your child finishes all his/her food before entering the school.

Backpacks and diaper bags: Just a reminder that all bags should only contain extra clothes, diapers/ pull ups, wipes, please no toys, food, or any type of medicine.

GUIDANCE (Discipline): We have high expectations of all our students, because we know they are capable, and up to the challenge. We are asking for your help to maintain those expectations by checking with your son/daughter’s teacher and by checking their Toddler Gram, Dino Gram and or behavior chart periodically to make sure that his/her work is being done, that supplies such as diaper, pull ups, extra clothes etc. are not needed, but most important to check on your child’s behavior


Dear I.A. Parents

Due to a recent allergy episode, I.A. has change its policy to a peanut free school. Please if you feed your child at home before coming to school and breakfast contained peanuts or any kind of nuts, please make sure to wash your child’s hands and make sure that it did not get on his/her clothes. We do have students with nut allergies and we must take precautions at all times. Thank you

Things to be on the lookout!


It is that time of the year where the weather can turn on us in a matter of minutes. Please remember that I.A. will follow Cobb County weather related school closings. BUT we will only close if the forecast is for black ice, or a bad winter storm that can pose danger on the roads. We will keep you informed, via phone call, text, or Facebook.

Winter and Lice: Winter weather can also signal a spike in lice infestation among school age children as kids tend to exchange winter apparel with their school friends, they are unknowingly also exchanging head lice.

Family Questionnaire: Dear Parents, you will be getting a questionnaire from your child’s teacher this week, it is very important for us, since it is part of the Georgia Certification class that our teachers are taking. We will appreciate if you fill it out and return it to us.

Doorbell: We are still having problems with our doorbell, something seems to be interfering with our wireless signal. Please when you ring the bell, make sure you hear it, it is not as loud as it used to be, but if you did not hear it, it means you need to ring again! Thank you.

Please remember that as a member of the International Academia of Smyrna educational community, we want you to connect to the school and become as involved as you would like. Know that we are only a phone call or email away if you need anything at all, and that your feedback is vital to our growth.

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